IWC pilot timing, AMG Petronas F1 Team Cooperation Model

The pilot timing is the earliest batch of IWC. As of today, except for a few old models (such as the Little Prince), Pilot Timing has fully completed the replacement of the self-produced 69000 series movement. And the 41mm and 43mm steel shell models are the main models, and the ceramic shell TOP GUN is the high-end, which replica watches is suitable for wide and thin wrists.After changing to IWC’s self-produced 69000 series movement, IWC’s new pilot timing has added a transparent bottom, so that the movement can be seen. This is not available in the old flying meter. The bottom-through 69000 movement, the upper layer with circular Geneva stripes, and the lower layer with fish scale patterns, are polished and decorated in place.

Some flight gauges, such as TOP GUN and Spitfire, are impenetrable. An intuitive identification feature of pilot timing using the new IWC69000 series self-produced movement is that the small second hand is located at 6 o’clock on the dial. The old flying meter with a general-purpose movement has a small second hand at 9 o’clock. Through the position of the small second hand, you can identify at a glance whether it is a new model with a self-produced movement.The waterproof of the new flying meter has been improved, from 60 meters of the old model to 100 meters. And increased the quick release of the strap. Except for the classic appearance, other parts have been substantially improved. In the past 10 years, iwc replica has set off three upsurges. The first time is the flying color logo in the early years, the second time is the little prince back then, and the third time is the current pilot timing.